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The birds and the light

By Brown Enrique Ortega
Specialistic veterinarian in birds

Known he is by all the canaricultores that the light a fundamental paper in the health of the birds plays. The light and his cycles (fenoperiodos) are used by the animals to synchronize its biological clocks. Their positive effects nonsingle help to maintain the health psychological but that in addition they allow the manufacture of the D-3 vitamin, the birds kept in aviarios of interior and with a poor diet can develop deficiencies in that vitamin, which would lead raquitismo in animals young people and ostomelacia (softening of the bones) or hipocalcemia (low amount of calcium in blood) in adults. It is advisable to indicate that ultra-violet rayses, responsible of the manufacture of this vitamin, they do not happen to traverse of crystals. The excess of D-3 vitamin (for example: by abuse from oil of codfish liver) it can be toxic, reason why the birds lodged in the outside do not need supplements.

The fotoperiodicidad enough has been studied in the birds like average manipulating the raising. Fotoperiodo is more important in climate unit temperings where the changes in the hours of light are greater. The animals that live in the equatorial zones have a variation of smaller light, approximately of 20 minutes, but even so also they are sensible to these changes. The erratic or prolonged fotoperiodos which they are put under the birds maintained in the familiar home can end up affecting the behavior of the same ones.

The poultry keepers are going to manipulate the duration of the hours of light by two clear reasons:

- To increase the production.

- To allow that the young people more are prepared (dumb finished) with Vista to their preparation in the aids.

The canaries need a minimum 14 a 16 hours of light to the day to begin to raise: with this amount of hours it is possible removed his chicks ahead correctly. If this fotoperiodo underwent forts fluctuations the birds they could stop the young and end at dumb a premature one.

There are two forms to manipulate the duration of the day:

Gradual increase of the hours of light: every day more minutes of light are added to the dawn at dusk and. Normally they will spend two months before of which we are able to increase of 8 to 10 hours of light until the 15 wished hours. Increasing 30 minutes to the week it will take 10 weeks to us to arrive at the hours of light tried.

Immediate increase of the duration of the day: from a day to another one we happened of 10 to 15 hours. In this situation the birds begin to raise to 3-4 weeks, but the possibility exists of obtaining worse results in the young: bad fertilization of eggs in the first putting. It has been observed that more than 17 hours of light to the day is not interesting.

The gradual increase of the hours of light is more natural and offers better results.

In order to finalize he is advisable to indicate that more investigations are necessary to completely know all the effects beneficial that on the health of the birds the light of total phantom has, the solar rays.

© Brown Enrique Ortega

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