The clerks will those keeping the store, fixing cracks in the ceiling, stocking materials and money. The RS gold employees will be out on the front lines getting materials for the shop. Logs, Ore, Bars, Runes etc.. The owner will then buy the items from the workers, who are formally part of the buisness. Accountants are the ones who take money to the bank, compute daily income and provide revenue during certain intervals in time. They're also the financial consultants to the Owners. The Owner of the buisness can fire any employee at any time. Just to make it more clear... The 3k trading limitation every 15 minutes DOES APPLY IN POS! Certian Skill Capes For Freeplayers. You might be woundering what I mean by this. I beileve that freeplayers must have acess to any of the 9 (or so) skillcapes held by any of those skill masters. Obtaining level 99 of almost any skill is, without a doubt, and very tedious task, however, free players also have a hard time (and in certian cases have it somewhat tougher than associates, due to a few of OSRS buy gold the best coaching methods being members only).