I think they're working on something like unlagged Quake3. The idea is that it offsets your reaction time against the other players' in RS gold a synchronous fashion and you won't feel any differences. This is how I've experienced it. I'm not sure how it operates. Help with skill tutors in order to remove money-making in Lumbridge Recent changes made by Jagex to Lumbridge have upset me. Jagex felt Lumbridge was getting too crowded and got rid of the skill tutors. Lumbridge was never overcrowded before. Lumbridge is pretty empty now. An excellent response to those irritating "Can I get 5k please" "Need 5k" beggars that OSRS buy gold we constantly encounter at the Grand Exchange was, "No. Instead, go work as an Lumbridge skill tutor. If you're a player of Runescape 5k, it's not enough. You want 5k. This is a completely different story.